Fat in my Hat

Hartford York Hats - Borsalino Leather Suede Ivy Cap - The CarmineA recent study takes a look at “the aging mind and the way it handles emotion and information.” Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology seems to suggest that – when dealing with a negative emotion at the same time – older people need more time than young whippersnappers to process information.

These findings seem to support other research indicating “that as people age, they become more interested in regulating their emotions and eliminating negativity”— in other words, the task becomes two-part.

Fredda Blanchard-Fields, professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Psychology, says this knowledge might be useful, for example, when a doctor has to tell an older person about a serious illness. “You want to give them time to deal with the fact that they have the illness,” she says, “to deal with the emotions before you have them make a decision on how to treat it.”

I kind of understand what this hyphenated psychologist is saying. Once I thought some guy dissed my hat; I was so shocked that I didn’t really understand what he’d said until I was a good block and a half away: Ooohh, you look phat in dat hat, mon.

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Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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