A Pain in the Hat

Hartford York Hats - Borsalino Leather Suede Ivy Cap - The CarmineSeems that people who suffer from migraines afflict those around them with pain too.

Neurologists from the University of Chicago Medical School conducted extensive telephone surveys, the findings of which were reported in Psychology Today:

1. 50% of those suffering from migraine headaches (“migraineurs”) are more likely to skip school or work than non-migraineurs;
2. 72% percent reported decreased productivity;
3. most reported choosing less demanding work and reduced office hours, which they admitted was a big burden on coworkers;
4. most believed that they were worse parents and partners than their healthy counterparts and said that they were less able to communicate or spend time with children and spouses.

Now for the good news.

People who wear hats also affect those around them:

1. 95% of those who wear hats (“hatineurs?”) feel immediately more attractive, ensuring that they attend school or work to show off their good looks;
2. 78% of the hat-wearing public say they feel so positive about themselves in general, their productivity levels actually sky-rocket;
3. most hat-wearers not only choose challenging tasks and work longer hours, they also whistle while they work and do little jigs, which they think is the cause for co-worker giggling;
4. most people who wear hats believe they are better parents and spouses than their non-hat-wearing partners, basically because they look great and love themselves so much.

FYI: the source of the hat portion of this study is me.

Painlessly yours,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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