More on Miami Vice in a Hat

Hartford York - Porkpie Hats for MenFrom an article in the Financial Times, Return of the Style Police, which discusses how media influences fashion, writer Colin Cameron says that “with a movie version of the 1980s TV series [Miami Vice] being released worldwide, the time has once again arrived for men to pay homage and roll up their jacket sleeves.”

Giorgio Armani, whose style became the signature look for the show, recalls the original’s impact in 1984. “From that time, men started to have a new idea of dressing elegantly yet comfortably, both for work and leisure,” he remembers. “Stiff, formal, restrictive clothes were replaced by more fluid and modern looks, a new aesthetic dress code.”

However, not everyone thinks the movie will impact fashion in quite the same powerhouse way:

Donna Zakowska, costume designer for the cult wardrobe film Romance & Cigarettes, released last year, believes the world today is in a relatively conservative phase, rather than at a turning point.

“When Armani dropped those lapels, collars and ties, men were ready for it. They wanted to break out of traditional dress. Now, the world is more unstable and men are not yet ready to redefine themselves.”

Or maybe there’s just no need to. Hey, 1984 wasn’t all that long ago. I still got blisters from losing my socks.

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