Mel Gibson: the Man Without a Hat

Hartford York Hats - Colonel Littleton Woven Straw Panama Summer Hat - The Lynnville PanamaEveryone’s weighing in on the Mel Gibson “really really bad weekend” story, and I’d like to submit my own three cents.

Mel Gibson is a man without a hat. As such, he’s never really had a chance.

Fame he’s got. Money – yes. Kids? Mel and his wife have litters of ’em.

But you never see the man wearing a hat. Hair extensions and wild beards are the only adornments Mel seems to wear.

We all know it takes a man of character to wear a hat well. My suggestion is that perhaps the very act of wearing a hat can imbue attributes of strength, quality and class.

Mr. Gibson, father and role-model: you need a hat.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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  1. You tell him, Steve!

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