Hats in Line to Lower Health Insurance Premiums

Hartford York Hats - Borsalino Handwoven Straw Panama Hat - The Panama FinoSeems that large employers are exploring “benefit design strategies” when it comes to health care. We should see more “financial incentives, such as lower premiums or co-payments, for employees who choose healthy behaviors like smoking cessation, exercise and weight control.”

There are two items I’d like to highlight here:

1. My eyebrows raised slightly when I read that the public is in favor of rewarding people who choose healthy behaviors – that’s quite a switch:

Wall Street Journal/Harris Poll results released yesterday indicate
consumer support for such programs is growing. More than half of those surveyed (53 percent) said they think it’s fair to ask people with unhealthy lifestyles to pay higher insurance premiums than people with healthy lifestyles, while 32 percent said it would be unfair. When asked the same question in 2003, 37 percent said it would be fair, while 45 percent said it would be unfair.

2. Does wearing hats qualify as a “healthy behavior”? It should, of course – unprotected exposure to the sun is believed by some experts to cause 65% of all skin cancer cases.

And what about looks? Hat-wearers look good.

I know I do. 🙂

Have a great weekend!
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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