Miami Vice in a Hat

Hartford York - Men's Tommy Bahama Silk Shirt - The Don Juan De PalmoGuy Trebay of the New York Times opines that “the extent to which the show [Miami Vice] played a part in the sartorial recasting of the American man is difficult to overestimate.”

Before pooh-poohing this mind-imploding theory, consider:

“Before Miami Vice, which was conceived as a cop show for the MTV generation, adult males were not often in the habit of wearing T-shirts under sports coats or shoes minus socks.

Most guys without ties in the 1980’s would have been considered slobs or candidates for the unemployment line.

Pastel-colored trousers were reserved for caddies, pastel-colored vehicles for pimps.

Suits in the late Reagan era were still substantially lined and padded and as rigidly shaped as Barcaloungers, although with sleeves. Loose, crumpled garments were considered work wear for convicts or gigolos.

Hardly anybody without a begging cup wore a straw hat.

Although it’s hard now to remember the radical statement these gestures once constituted, before “Miami Vice” few men except bank tellers rolled up their jacket sleeves, and about the only folks who flipped up their blazer collars were the singer George Michael or patrons in some Fort Lauderdale gentlemen-only bar.

It’s the first point in fashion history where you can really show a TV having that influence on fashion,” said [Jim Moore, the creative director of GQ magazine], adding that a two-day growth of beard before “Miami Vice” was a sure sign of a impending bumhood. “Miami Vice made stubble cool,” he said. It has stayed cool far too long, and this is something Mr. Mann [the show’s executive producer] should be required to answer for.”

Go forth. Roll Up Your Sleeves and Indulge in a Miami Vice.

Stubble if you want to.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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