The Bowler Hat as British Icon (on wheels)

Hartford York Hats - Christys' London Fur Felt Bowler Hat - The Chaplin
At an interesting site called Icons: a Portrait of England, the bowler hat has been selected as something very recognizably British. Reader comments run the gamut and in some cases are surprisingly passionate:

Bowler Hats are also famous for the Northern Ireland Orange Men – an organisation considered by many to be Secretarian and anti-Catholic. It excludes Catholics, some other Christians and any other religion, as well as those who are non-religious.

The city of London has long represented the English sense of fair play and steady, plodding determination. The bowler hatted businessman is recognized the world over as the icon of the city.

i wear my bowler hat skateboarding, it is a beauty, 50 years old.. my son has one also, maybe we are a bit daft, but it looks cool, let start a resurgance in this cool headgear.

I say, skateboarding in bowlers, eh?

Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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