Hats At Every Age

Hartford York Hats - Style at Any AgeIn FocusOnStylecom, a reader writes: I’m a middle-aged man on the cusp of 50 and it doesn’t take a fashion genius to see that many styles are meant for men half my age or younger. While I have no desire to pretend that I’m still 25, I’m not ready to dress like my grandfather, either.

The FOS answer in on target: forget the numbers; stay healthy and fit and – most importantly – stay true to yourself.

By the time you’re half way to 100, you should have been able to gather the style momentum to figure out your own personal style. Getting older means learning from your past fashion mistakes, like being the guy in the Speedo who was not built like Mark Spitz, and forging ahead in a more streamlined and easy manner. Give up the idea of long hair when you barely have 3-hairs on the top. Look in the mirror and be real about what you have to work with—at any age!

Bottom-line: As we mature, fashion needs to be less fussy and more sleek and sophisticated, but not fuddy-duddy.

Thanks for reading,
The Forever Fuddy-Duddyless
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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