Golf Hats, Anyone?

Hartford York Hats - Newsboy Caps for Men and Women
Like freight trains traveling toward each other on the same track, the worlds of golf and fashion can collide with unexpected force. So says Dave Stephens of The Hutchinson News, and (by golly) the man’s got a point.

He reasons that golf courses…have [always] been a place where fashion rebelled: plaid pants, loud shirts, ugly sweaters…and, for the most culturally daring, knickers and kilts.

However, with the increasing popularity and media exposure of the sport, the term “golf fashion” is one that no longer draws puzzled frowns and vacant stares — although one staple piece of attire has remained unchanged over time: the hat.

Stephens notes that “with the exception of maybe knickers, hats have the best ability to be the signature trademark of a golfer’s fashion…baseball caps and visors…the far-and-away favorite, as they keep the sun out of the eyes and don’t easily blow off in the wind.”

Golf hats…[do]…come in a variety much wider than offered in traditional baseball caps. Pro Greg Norman is known for his signature straw hat. More traditional golfers wear a tweed flat cap, also known as a golf cap or “newsboy” cap.

Here’s a quick quiz for golf lovers:
what did George F. Grant invent?
Tee Answer Here.

Tanks for playing,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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