The Color of Hats is Reggae

Hartford York Hats - Men's Scala Raffia Cap - The Grady
Shelah Moody’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle (Dread Threads: from rags to designer riches, reggae infuses fashion with rhythm) explores the reason for the popularity behind Caribbean-inspired colors in higher-end fashion.

She says “the green and yellow shades found on the Jamaican flag, and the familiar Rastafarian red, green and gold stripes” all go back to Bob Marley, wouldn’t ya know.

In the current fashion scene, there is a growing trend for individuality in clothing, so it is no surprise that reggae is now popular,” said Barbara Beccio, academic director of fashion design, marketing and management at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. “Reggae music became popular in the late ’60s, early ’70s — a time when individual liberation and freedom were exemplified by protesting the Vietnam War, civil rights issues, women’s liberation and sexual freedom. Today, again, we’ve seen many war protests, concerns regarding immigration and issues regarding sexual choice. Individuality is again looked to as an inspiration, so it makes sense that the individual, peace and love of reggae’s beliefs is mirrored in today’s fashion.

My take on the whole movement mirrors that of neo-soul singer-songwriter Martin Luther’s: “I funk, therefore I am.”

Please, no applause.

(And thanks for reading)

Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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