Calling All Sun Worshippers – It’s Hat Time!

Hartford York Hats - Women's Scala Polyester Braid Western Hat - The Sienna

Skin cancer isn’t the only by-product of excessive UV exposure. An article in the Great Reporter says that sun also “contributes to photoaging where the skin loses elasticity, ages and wrinkles…[and that]…heavy sun exposure leads to leathering of the skin, leaving it tougher to sight and touch – at odds with the healthy glow many fans of tanning aim to achieve.”

Hartford York Hats - Men's Scala Hand Crocheted Raffia Summer Hat - The GiovanniIf that’s just not enough yucky stuff for you, there’s more:

In the pursuit of golden tans, the sun’s danger can also extend to damaged eyes. Damage takes the form of growths over the cornea (pterygium), cataracts and inflammation such as photo-conjunctivitis.

Remember too that “sunscreen doesn’t mean you can increase your stay in the sun. Instead it only offers some protection whilst you are out and should be reapplied at regular intervals. Clothing, hats with brims and sunglasses should be used in conjunction with sunscreen to protect against UV rays.”

OK. That does it for me. I’m wearing my Scala whilst in the shade. Whilst wearing sunglasses. Whilst applying sunscreen. Whilst playing whist.

Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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