Custom cupcakes and statement-making hats

Diane Feen, who writes the excellent bi-monthly newsletter Hatlife, gives us a look at the psychological workings of younger hat wearers.

It seems celebrities (and hipsters) … [and] young people today are demanding uniqueness to their fashion choices. They want something that makes a definite statement about who they are…they disdain mass produced anything. Their mantra seems to be: “I am special.”

Hartford York - Men's Cubavera Woven Straw Stingy Brim Summer Hat - The EnriqueI am beginning to think that this generation (of 20 to 35-years-olds) grew up with parents that either over-or under-indulged them, hence the need to be continually told they are special. A new cupcake store in New York City (Buttercup Bake Shop) indulges their “need to be unique” by offering tiny colorful cupcakes that can almost be customized by color, leaving behind the tradition of having to share in something for everyone (think cake).

This is the generation that wants “one-of-a-kind” clothing and headwear. It suits their need to be noticed and revered for being an independent thinker – (the Anti-Wal-Mart).

Gosh! And I just thought they had great taste.

Oh, well. My mistake 🙂

Have a great weekend!
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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