The Power of Hats

In BJ Gallagher’s article (Just Between Us Girls) at The Celebrity Café, she talks about her larger-than-life aunt, and at one point saying:

I went to visit Auntie El in Sedona a few years ago and recall one afternoon over lunch when I commented on her beautiful collection of hats. She smiled knowingly and leaned over to confide something so that her husband wouldn’t overhear: Hartford York - Women's Scala Toyo Shapeable Western Hat - The Abby“I wear these stunning hats so that people will look at my face, and not my big tush!” she whispered conspiratorially. She was right – that’s exactly what people did.

Auntie El summarized succinctly what generations of women have been doing for hundreds – no, thousands – of years. She understands the power of clothing and accessories to draw the eye to the most appealing part of the female body. Auntie El’s couture lesson was not news to me – but it distilled the essence of female fashion wisdom in such a simple sentence, that it stuck with me.

Now, far be it from me to comment on Auntie El’s tush (or anybody else’s, for that matter), but as for myself, I never leave the house without an extremely powerful hat.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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