The Greatest Hat-Wearing Event In The World

Men's Brent Black Hand-woven Straw Fedora Panama - The Montecristi ClassicAscot is the greatest hat-wearing event in the world says milliner Philip Treacy, quoted in a Toronto Star article Hats off to Royal Ascot. Susan Rozsnyai, editor-at-large for the society magazine, Hello! agrees that it’s a see-and-be-seen function for the fashion-conscious:

Ascot stands head and shoulders above every other racing meeting because it is the one event of the year where you are expected to put on a show. Society ladies are allowed to indulge their wildest creativity with flamboyant hats and outfits. This is the peacock event of the social diary.

The world’s most glamorous racing event – and one of the snootiest – was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, and has specific rules of dress and behavior. For instance, when meeting with the royals:

Men, remove your hat with your right hand and bow, or incline your head in respect. Transfer your hat to your left hand so you’re ready if the Queen offers to shake hands with you.

Women, keep your hat on (*phew*) and curtsey when introduced. Address the Queen as “Your Majesty.” Under no circumstances should you offer to shake hands.

(I may call in sick…..)

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Steve Singer
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