Cheers! Your Hat is a Security Risk

Not again!!!

There’s been another attack on hat-wearing pub patrons in the U.K. From the March issue of HatLife, comes this incredible report:

Retired teacher Betty Wilbraham was ordered to take off her hat at an English pub called Hereward’s. Wilbraham, who [quite rightly] believes it is not good for a lady to be seen without a hat, was ordered to take off her rain hat because she was told it was a security risk.

The manager declared the Market Street pub is a hat-free zone because headwear restricts their CCTV coverage and pointed to a sign on the front door showing that all hats, including top hats and sailor hats, are unwelcome.

Hartford York Hats - Women's Scala Cotton Canvas Summer Hat - The Caroline“I’ve never heard of such a thing as a hat-free pub. I am a hat person. Certainly if I were going out to lunch I would wear a hat. My mother wouldn’t have set a foot outside the house for a loaf of bread without her hat. She would have been horrified if ladies went to lunch without their hats,” said Wilbraham.

Well, Ms. Wilbraham, from one hat person to another, I’m appalled. Good-looking, but appalled. My advice is to take it straight to the Queen; she too is a hat person and would not take kindly to being ordered to remove her headwear while downing a couple ‘o pints with her bubble and squeak.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Spluttering CEO
Hartford York


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