Girly Men in Hard Hats

That superb Toronto Star columnist, Cathal Kelly, is calling for all men to carry their man bags with pride.

A man without a bag is a man without a purpose. Hartford York Hats & Accessories - Scully Leather - The Squadron Zip BinderNo bag means no daytimer, no PDA, no notebook, no reading material, no packed lunch or any of the other apparatus of gainful employment.

So it was depressing to learn from one of today’s self-promoting style icons that a man carrying a bag still has to feel weird about looking, well, girly.

“I have a ‘man bag’. I’m not gonna lie,” hip-hop dandy Diddy admits in the latest issue of Details. He goes on to advise men to “make sure that if you carry one, it’s very, very big, so it doesn’t get mistaken for a pocketbook.”

The unsubtle implication is that manly men don’t carry bags unless they’re filled with cement mix.

How brave of Diddy to come forward on behalf of all of us who carry this mark of Cain to the office. Hartford York Hats & Accessories - Men's Brand X Huarache Handmade Leather Sandals - The RancheroPray tell, what other swishy behaviour is the noted back-up dancer advocating on behalf of these days? Eating with utensils? Wearing sandals? Showering?

It’s hard to credit this John Wayne posturing from a guy who favours velvet suits and matching diamond earrings. But apparently there are men out there, smart men like Diddy, who’d rather stuff their Filofax down their pants than be seen carrying a bag any smaller than a laundry hamper.

Hartford York Hats - Men's Henschel Woven Toyo Summer Hat - The Downer PorkpieHe goes on to say that men of a conservative cast have two basic accessory options [after hats, of course!]: a watch and a bag. Those of you wearing pendants, pocket squares and pork pie hats can skip this paragraph. Don’t squander one of your two accessories on a bulky, black canvas monstrosity stuffed to bursting with old copies of Details and gym clothes. Regardless of what Diddy would have you believe, a man bag doesn’t have to be big, nor does it have to be black.

Hartford York Hats & Accessories - Men's Scully Antiqued Lambskin Briefcase - The Scully Computer BriefcaseIn the end, be not afraid. You are a man. You have stuff. It must be transported. Do so with style. If you’re still feeling weird about it, wear a hardhat.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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