Another Good Thing About Hats Is…

Hats don’t get lost.

Shoes, underwear, African drums, and 10-foot long Ricola Swiss Alp horns, get lost, but people hang on to their hats.

I’m not lying: look at the stats – in a report issued by SITA Inc., an air transportation telecommunications and technology company, it was found that the airline industry lost an estimated 30 million bags worldwide last year. Two hundred thousand of those were never found. U.S. Airlines alone lost 10,000 bags a day in 2005.

And you know where it all ends up? You guessed it! The Unclaimed Baggage Center, in Scottsboro, Alabama, where complete strangers can buy your stuff–even ‘intimates’ and men’s wedding bands (for a pretty darn good price).

Hartford York HatsBut no hats. Because people wear their hats and hold their hats and stuff their foldaways in their pockets, ready to shake out, slap on and look great.

Today’s conventionalized statement expressing a fundamental principle (courtesy of Hartford York): People love their hats ergo hats don’t get lost.

Thanks for reading,
Steve (Fulfilled) Singer
CEO Hartford York


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