Wear a Hat: nothing else matters

In Margaret Berry’s third instalment of Women’s Fashion she wonders why hats ever fell out of favor. After all, if you choose your headgear well, no one will notice what else you’re wearing.

Hartford York - Women's HatsPremised with an Emily Post truism: It is impossible for a hatless woman to be chic, Ms. Berry starts her article off with an undisputable bang:

Flappers never had bad-hair days. They lopped off their tresses, tugged on a cloche, and headed out for an evening of Charleston and bootleg gin. What’s more, flappers wore comfy dresses shaped like potato sacks. They could wear whatever they liked; who the hell notices when you have that darling bell of a hat on? And so, you see, hats make life easier and loads more fun.

She goes on with a little hat-wearing advice, such as hat angles, hair styles best suited for hats, face shape and color, then winds up with a great zinger:

Hats draw attention, so it takes confidence to wear one well. If you can manage it, other women will assume that you are more fashionable than they. Those women will be correct.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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