Hat Box Collections

People who wear hats usually have a selection which increases over time.

Now some collections (hats or otherwise) can grow to enormous proportions — wasn’t it Demi Moore who had a separate house for her doll collection?

Hartford York - Men's Borsalino Hemp Fedora - The Sicilian FedoraMost of us have a semblance of restraint, however.

Admiring my own collection of hats last night (as I often do), each carefully stored in a themed hat box — you know, the box with my Milano Dress Western’s got cowboys painted on it, and the one cradling my Sicilian (that fibered fedora from Borsalino) has dried hemp glued to it in truly fantastic patterns — I must say that my hat boxes are almost as handsome and wonderful as the hats inside.
Hartford York - Men's Milano Handwoven Straw Western Dress Hat - The Straw Casablanca


And they only take up one closet.

ONE. Not a house.

Not a room.

A closet.

Okay, it is a walk-in…


*cough*…used to be the in-law suite….

(she’s happy elsewhere…)

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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