Hats: Good for the Environment

I read an article about trade show with an “environmentally conscious bent”. It’s very interesting.

The convention featured a discussion of cause-related (read: tree-hugger) marketing.

I can imagine some of the corporate yawns–but then Ray Anderson (a carpet manufacturer) who was the keynote speaker–said that by switching his company over to recycled materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, he’s saved money.

That must have made the suits sit up!

Big business usually just “talks the talk” about recycling and doing less damage to the environment, but when the bottom line’s affected, talk turns into action.

Hartford York - Men's Borsalino Sisal Fedora - The Sicilian FedoraI learned good things about my own product line too. For instance, hemp (a plant used in hat-making, resulting in gorgeous creations like the one pictured here) is easy to grow and requires less water than other fibers. Also, “scrap hats” like The Carlos are actually deemed to be recycled products because they are made from “pre-consumer waste, material left over on the cutting room floor.”

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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