Leather Caps All

In a Men’s Flair article covering leather clothing and accessories for men, it says: Men purchase leather accessories all the time with wallets, briefcases, belts and shoes so [the world of leather] is not unfamiliar territory for most.

This is true.Hartford York - Men's Borsalino Leather Ivy Cap - The DonatoBesides my Saba Bomber jacket, go-everywhere Scully binder and dependable Vogt New Yorker (my lucky leather belt), I’ve got my Borsalino ivy cap, which I love more than my wife. My LIFE, my Life!

I was thinking about a pair of leather trousers, but after I read the article’s opening paragraph, I just don’t see that purchase happening any time soon.

Remember the Friends episode where Ross decided to buy a pair of tight leather pants for a date?

While cuddled with his date on the couch, he started sweating profusely. Becoming increasingly uncomfortable, he went to the bathroom, took down his leather pants and started fanning his legs to cool off. When he tried to pull his tight leather pants back up they wouldn’t fit.

He frantically called Joey to help him on how to get out of this mess. Antics ensued when he tried to rub lotion and then powder on his legs to try to slip those leather pants back on.

He eventually emerged from the bathroom to the horror of his date with his leather pants around his ankles and a pasty mess covering his legs announcing that he ‘had a little problem’.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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