Coloring Your Accessories

Color (or the fear thereof) is considered one of the three biggest obstacles in men’s fashion, according to an article in Men’s Flair.

Many men, even very stylish men, shy away from colors other than brown, navy, gray, white and black. While neutrals are flattering and some (particularly black) can be very slimming, they are not eye-catching or unique. Hartford York - Men's Nat Nast Cotton Sweater - The Acid Washed Crew Neck
This is not to say that you have to run out and buy [the Artist who was Prince and now has no name whatever]’s purple velvet suit. Add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit, and watch it light up your skin or eye color. Nothing is sexier than a man with blue eyes who knows how to wear a blue shirt, or even scarf or tie, to make his eyes look like swimming pools.

There are colors to compliment every tone. Warm and olive skins look best in yellows, reds, coppers, and other ‘warm’ shades. Cool, blue-toned skin looks great in greens, blues, purples, and other ‘cool’ colors. The right color under your face can really flatter your undertones.

Hartford York - Men's Stetson Wool Blend Newsboy Cap - The Chickadee

Hats are a great source of color too: start easy with a bright feather in your tweed walking hat. Pretty soon you too will be marching around in your Chickadee.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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