If the Hat Fits…or the glove…or the belt…

Industry insiders say Americans consistently pick clothing sizes that are too small for their pretty much every part of their body. If you’re not sure how to measure for perfect fit, here’s some suggestions:

Hats: Measure a bit above the ears, around the widest, broadest part of the skull. Typical sizes for men range from 6 7/8 to 7 7/8 inches. You can get a free Head Size Ruler here.

Belts: Measure just below the navel in most men, in inches. Belts typically are sized so that the stated length reaches the center hole.Hartford York - Colorado Horsehair Belt - The Flat Creek

Gloves: Measure at the knuckles, around four fingers (not including the thumb).Hartford York - Women's Leather Gloves - The Women's Winter Glove

I’m too embarrassed to talk about the underwear bit — you’ll just have to ask your mom. 😉

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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