Sundancing in My Hat

Last month’s Sundance Film Festival was a hoot, trying to identify parka-clad stars (who you usually see in a state of near-nakedness in their hot H’wood togs).

Women’s Wear Daily entertainment editor, Marcy Medina, said hats were of course everywhere as the actors tried “…to keep their ears warm with chic and trendy styles.” Wearing a hat’s not only a way to express individuality, Medina says, “it also makes it hard to recognize the stars.”

Hat-wearing stars spotted (besides Ashley Judd, Daryl Hannah, and Marlee Matlin):

Bob Goldthwait: the comedian-turned-director (Stay) hit a party in the same Russian chic fur hat he wore on stage when he introduced the film.

Terrence Howard: the Hustle & Flow award winner brought a selection of caps: crocheted skull caps in gray and white; a black beret; a hunter’s cap with ear warmers; and a brown suede cap he donned for a screening.

And me? (Thanks for asking)Hartford York - Men's Sovietski Wool Ushanka - The Commissar I blended right in with the chic movie makers in my Hunt for Red October ushanka.

Warmly in my hat,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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