Designer Craig Port: cowboy hats and panamas

There’s a good interview with South African born designer, Craig Port, former creative director for Kangol, who recently debuted his womenswear line at the Stockholm Fashion Week.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I believe a hat should be functional,” says designer Craig Port. “I really feel people should be practical, while still being stylish and daring to be different.”

Sound advice, especially if you consider what’s hot in hats right now…it’s all about horsiness as Hollywood gallops around the latest movie sensation, the gay cowboy romance ‘Brokeback Mountain’…”Hartford York - Women's Scala Toyo Shapeable Western Hat - The Black Midnight

“For women, white cowboy hats with feminine touches like lace or beads, and cowboy hats completely woven in black, white or brightly coloured lace, are very hot right now,” says Port, whose favourite hat, incidentally, is a straw Stetson-type number.

Hartford York - Brent Black Handwoven Panama Hat - The Montecristi Aficionado
“Panama hats are timeless,” says Port, “for men especially – they always look stylish.”

Has anyone else here not seen that movie? I think it’s with the Pitts boy–can’t remember his name right off, but I recall he looks good in a hat. But then again, doesn’t everybody?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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