Advice Direct from the Headwear Information Bureau

Hat panache can be yours by following these tips from Vicky Gamez of the Headwear Information Bureau:

• Check yourself out: Buy a hat that’s in proportion to your body. “It’s good to look at the whole body when buying a hat,” Gamez said. For example, “a tall lady wants a short hat. A well-rounded lady wants something to balance (herself).”

• The foolproof options: If working with your body is too perplexing, go for a style that generally looks good on everyone: a fedora for men and a portrait hat (one with a small brim) for women, Gamez said. Other classic hats are the floppy brim and the cloche for women, and the newsboy cap and cowboy hat for both sexes, she said.
Women's Scala Leather Newsboy Cap - The Emily
• Positioning: For the best look, put on your hat from front to back. With one hand, place the inside front of the hat on your forehead. With the other, pull down the back.

A few more notes:

Never put on a hat back to front. Never, ever crunch it down. And always follow this piece of advice from Gamez: “Tilt the hat to add some pizazz to it.”

Not bad advice from the Bureau, although a tad conservative. Personally, I happen to like wearing tall westerns, even though I’m pretty tall myself. And I think that a tall woman actually looks extremely good in a hat that adds inches: she makes a very confident presentation.

Also the colors and material can actually affect the “size” of a hat: you just SEE a red leather more than you do a khaki linen.

Gee, I really should have been in the FBI — sorry! — I meant the Headwear Bureau of Information.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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