Advice from a guy on what to wear

Now this is good fashion advice! (imagine — it comes from North Jersey…)

Trying to keep up with clothing trends is a mug’s game (unless you’re a woman, of course; then it’s a contact sport). That’s because fashions change faster than Giants relief pitchers. Just when you’ve decided to jump on the $50 silk T-shirt bandwagon, you find out they’re over, and that the next big thing is Lycra lederhosen. Sure, you could pair the two, but then you’d look, well, you’d look like an idiot.

Take the outfit from an Izod ad in a recent Esquire. It’s wrong on so many levels that we don’t have the space to go into the details, except to say, “Nice hat.”

Experimentation can be good, but … If you’re going to go out on a fashion limb, do it one piece at a time. Pick either the plaid tam-o’-shanter or the camo dickey, for instance, but not both.

(You can read the full article here.)

Well, I haven’t got a tam-o’-shanter (or a camo dickey, thank goodness), but I’ve got these incredible cashmere sweaters,

made by Peter Scott in the mills of Hawick, Scotland.

Close enough?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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