Is it Trooper or Trapper? Maybe Super Trooper?

I am so far ahead of the fashion world! Oh, well. They’re finally catching up according to this article: called Get Caught Up in the Warmth of Trapper Hat, which reads:

Gentlemen, start 2006 off with fashion sense and warm ears: Hello, trapper hat.

“I’m a big fan,” says Madeline Weeks, GQ magazine’s fashion director. “There’s a function to it. It’s not just a fashionable item.” Dudes like the rugged glamour, she says. “It’s great to wear with a parka or topcoat. And it frames the face great. It’s kind of fun.”

Men are wearing hats more, Weeks says. “It’s not so much ‘Oh, I never wear a hat.’ ”

The trapper – usually a boxy fur- or fleece-lined hat with earflaps – doesn’t age-discriminate. It looks great on all men. And it channels unrefined lumberjack and Russia. The trapper is a sound barrier between you and the world.

“It’s a look that’s been around for hundreds of years,” Weeks says. “Guys can relate to it.”

Yoo-hoo Mrs. GQ fashion director – over here. Can we talk?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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