UVM students love hats – baseball caps, not so much

There’s a piece in the University of Vermont’s student newspaper that makes for a good read. Besides a brief overview of the history of headwear, it goes on to contend that women have been wearing men’s hats since the 15th century–and that “without these forward-thinking ladies, Angelina Jolie would have never been seen in her famous white outfit at the 2003 Oscars.”

The article ends with the observation that “hats can be seen everywhere now” (a state of affairs I admit to liking very much!). However, the final statement:

One can only hope that given the variety of headwear now available, the most unsightly of all hats – the baseball cap – will meet its death soon.

makes me think that this author’s never seen the Stetson Chieftain or the Perry Ellis Tweed!

Men's Stetson Suede Ball Cap - The Chieftain

The Perry Ellis Tweed Ballcap

(poor kid. . .)

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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